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What is Limetorrents?

LimeTorrents is a safe way to download verfied torrents to your desired devices like pc mac ios android or tablets. this version of limetorrent is a 2020's best and high ranked version to download movies games anime apps softwares tv series shows hottest web series even adult videos in full hd quality all you can get over lime torrents website.

Is this a mirror or proxy of real limetorrents.cc?

Absolutely not we are not a proxy nor a mirror of limetorrents.info infect we does not have any sort of connection or concern with the former limetorrents website nor do we struggle to beat the legend "limetorrents" means we respect the real site but our aim is to provide the fully backup torrents data with fastest and anonymous torrent download mechanism which is being liked by many countries including usa, uk, canada, australia, france, spain, italy, india and more why because we are becoming user's favorite by providing the fully secured and trackless torrent download search theory for not storing the logs of uploaders or even downloaders means both parties are safe and secure even without using high cost VPNs.

Do This limetorrents have any kind of reviews?

Well of course you can check plenty of reviews from different sites such as reddit and quora only you need to google it and please don't forget to see the alexa rank and previous success of our old domain called "Limetorrents 2019" for better understanding about our lime torrents site.

What is lime torrentz2?

LimeTorrentz2 is just another typo over google search in easy words people who regularly use different torrent sites are mixing up the keywords over search engines for example the users who uses torrentz2 and lime torrent together they would like to see the results from search for both of the sites using one single search term.

Do you provide wiki info for this website?

You can check the LimeTorrents Wiki here to understand the features and algorithm more clearly as well as you will see major points like what is torrents and how to download it and what are the risks using pirated content etc.

What is the alternatives to this limetorrents?

If you having any sort of issues using this domain or is it blocked in your country so you can easily unblock limetorrents2020 by using our secure proxy called LimeTorrents Proxy.

Does it require any VPN to download torrents?

As we described above this is an anonymous version means we have developed highly secure torrent search site which can't be track like no body can see that what content you are opening and what you are downloading but we still recommend using a best VPN will keep your ass saved from legal issues.

What good VPN should I use for torrenting?

There are hundred's of VPNs available online google is your friend to find one wihch suits you most including free one's with browers extensions or better you can use proxy switcher its free for life but speed is not really high.